Digital Made Simple.

Digital Media Diagram showing relationship between SEO, Email Marketing, Data, Mobile, Analytics & Content

Digital marketing and SEO is far bigger than just Google it includes digital PR, search advertising, social media, apps, mobile, reviews, reputation management, email and online marketplaces.

Ben Wilks is an SEO consultant focused on making the process simple, while delivering clear measured bottomline growth and increased engagement.

Ben helps your organisation to the top of search engines locally, nationally or worldwide, and for all relevant terms! Finding the key terms driving intent and matching them to your website and content marketing.

Ben asks the large, important long-term digital marketing questions to grow your audience consistently, then delivers clear directives and paths to success over the short, middle and especially long term!

Marketing Changed & Digital Is The New Black.

Ben stays at the forefront of Internet trends and digital marketing, yet well grounded and focused on the fundamentals. He has the runs on the board to deliver and take responsibility for the success of any project. He is able properly explain what is going on, what happens next in a proactive rather than reactive manner and prides himself on staying a step ahead of your competition.

Ben also grows company awareness of the importance of digital and search marketing, be it marketing, advertising, or mobile. He is happiest working at all levels of your organisation in an agile manner to make sure that all points influential to digital marketing strategy are appreciated, optimised & leveraged.

Why Work With Ben As Your SEO Consultant?

With over 20 years of experience, results based digital marketing is what Ben enjoys doing most! Strategy, delivery and future proofing in a simple, open and straight-forward manner to deliver unrivalled results on metrics everyone understands.

The difference between dominating an industry and simply ranking well cannot be overstated. If you really want to take your digital marketing and SEO to the next level, Ben is available for SEO consulting worldwide. Contact Ben today for your confidential consultation.

Bespoke Digital Marketing Services.

Drive unprecedented traceable bottomline profits and engagement to your website, company or social media campaign. Dominate Google and wave goodbye to your competition.

Global Strategy from Asian SEO to International

No matter what your market, Ben has digital marketing solutions for your expansion and can tailor solutions to your unique requirements across Asia and Internationally.