Case Studies

Below are some examples of client work, including the type of digital marketing service performed.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Fresh Promotions Website Screenshot

Fresh Promotions dominate Google for 'promotional products' starting from scratch to an eye-watering A$8,000,000 turnover inside 12 months. The project was split into two distinct phases, working with what was available, getting that working, then doubling down and fixing everything system wide to go after some serious Google traffic. Consisting of a multiple website strategy, making two seperate independently branded networks. Ben designed and developed a bespoke eCommerce Content Management System (CMS) and Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) for this large project with special emphasis on saving time, every feature the client wanted and SEO friendly html code and superior internal UX. For more information and to view a testimonial from the Managing Director, check out the in depth Fresh Promotions case study.

Opal Auctions Website Screenshot

Treasure Auctions came to Ben seeking long term strategy for a series of auction websites in opal, gemstone, jewellery, treasures and coins, as well as opal retail brands. Working with the founder, Ben made a clear strategy for ranking multiple websites in the same niches concurrently dominating Google. The main website Opal Auctions was set up in frustration at increasing fees at eBay & the founder set out to be the number one in opal, he achieved his goal, he is fast underway going after gemstone, jewellery, treasure and coin rankings.

SEO Consulting

Ocean Hotels Website Screenshot

Ocean Hotels & Tourism Group undertook SEO strategy, UX & conversion optimisation and increased their bookings over 500% at the payment gateway within 6 months. Impressed by the increased bookings coming to Ocean Hotels & Tourism Group from Ben's work at a niche travel agency, the Managing Director had cleared the ok with them and asked if Ben would work directly on a network of 6 hotels/resorts, 1 tour company, 2 hostels & a destination website.

By working with the Sales & Marketing Manager, as well as third party web developers, Ben set out to fix up the many problems unique to the network. By changing some major components of the website booking process, streamlining the checkout phase and better integrating the payment gateway into the sales funnel, booking conversions were increased considerably. All websites were optimised substantially while internal and cross linking was drastically improved. A considerable amount of work went into increasing the ranking of all websites in Google and increasing reach and keyword matches.

Gaining 500% at the payment gateway on an already successful major group of sites is not to be taken lightly. The websites were Sunlover Reef Cruises, Cape Tribulation Resort & Spa, Long Island Resort,, Ferntree Rainforest Lodge, Coconut Beach Resort, Hides Hotel, and

dStore eCommerce Website Screenshot

dStore saw an increase in sales over A$500,000 per month. The CEO asked Ben to help increased sales via organic search for the eCommerce website after a near six figure cut in Google paid advertising. With 300,000+ products and full sales funnel tracking in Google Analytics, Ben took on the project on a retainer and revenue share basis for a total period of 3 months.

When the website was finally let out of staging after a month major overhaul to rid the website of all duplicate content, get internal navigation showing keywords and logical semantic structure. New links were also build to the site from a wide range of on-topic websites. It was clear they were onto a winner as Google started showing major increases to traffic, page views and decreasing bounce rates while sales climbed over A$500,000 for the first time for that next month.


Sometimes starting with little knowledge, most of Ben's clients now understand the digital marketing and SEO fundamentals. More importantly, what works and why, what NOT to do, how to maintain rankings and gain links and traffic from other websites. Ben has also trained colleagues, junior staff, senior staff, client staff and remote workers.

Kitchen Connection Website Screenshot

Kitchen Connection made it to their goal of being number one in Google Australia for the search term 'kitchens'. A colleague hired Ben to help him learn how SEO and Google works. Ben undertook client training & consulting to explain everything required to get him up to speed. Using a key account of a marketing agency, Cameron learned how to rank a website in a very competitive niche. Every aspect of the website was optimised in great detail over a period of a month.

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