Case Study: Fresh Promotions

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Bill McGrath, the Managing Director of Fresh Promotions worked closely with Ben & the Fresh Promotions website underwent major changes. A messy site, foreign to Google at first, we cleaned it up as much as possible, added a load of content and some creative link building. Fresh Promotions went from a brand new website into one of the most heavily trafficked websites in the Australian promotional products industry within 6 months & has stayed there ever since! That was just phase one.

Phase One: The Beginnings

Phase Two: Time To Get Serious

Fresh Promotions Website

After the initial success on the main Fresh Promotions site, Ben was given a serious budget to work with. We developed a bespoke custom CMS & CRM and finally got everything perfect, from the html, to the sales funnel, to clean URLs, easy to use website, % price changes across sections or the entire site, automated followup emails & reminders, everything Bill required, could dream of & more.

This bespoke system was also used it to start another completely independent network of sites. Automated page creation, page titles, Hx tags, product names, thumbnails & main images all were created from an uploaded zip file that contained a set of images in folders with the correct product names & category names. Everything was automated and all Bill had to do was the hard work of adding content. And that he did!

Fresh Promotions has radically changed both front end marketing and backend to cope with the influx of new business and repeat orders. The amount of business they have received & how much it changed Fresh Promotions cannot be overstated. Within a little over a year Fresh Promotions was turning over A$8MM per annum.

Ben congratulates Bill for being a great client, brave, committed & hard working. Not many clients are as motivated to succeed as Bill and once he saw something was working, he doubled down, reinvested and got the just rewards. The truth is that Bill never expected so much business and I cannot imagine him wanting a phase three. But we are ready and waiting if he does!

Building the right solutions with the right strategy can pay off long term. Have a good look in Google Australia to this day and you will find Fresh Promotions still on the front page for all major promotional product searches. While our services are not cheap, the return on investment cannot be matched.

Client Testimonial From Bill McGrath

"Ben has done nothing but great work for Fresh Promotions. The advice he has given us on our online projects has been so successful, and the results so clearly cost effective that we have redirected the bulk of our marketing budgets into pursuing projects he has suggested.

We have never seen a return on marketing investment like the return we have seen on projects run for us by Benjamin. Frankly I would rather not be giving him this reference and keep his services for Fresh Promotions alone.

I have no hesitation in recommending Ben Wilks."

- Bill McGrath

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