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In a city of over 30 million, digital marketing in Jakarta is important. On this page you can find everything from information on hiring a digital agency, to online marketing advice, marketing training, or simply finding jobs in Jakarta. We have done the hard work to make a central location for everything digital marketing and SEO in Jakarta.

Market Overview

Jakarta, also known as the “Big Durian” or “Big Apple” is the business and political centre of Indonesia. A city of extremes it presents the largest opportunity to market to Indonesians in one locale. Jakarta is very active with digital marketing events and there are many local training opportunities, as well as online learning available.

Indonesia has a large population of 270,630,000 people, the 4th largest in the World, and 56.7% live on the Island of Java. Greater Jakarta area has over 30.2 million people making it the largest city in Southeast Asia (SEA) & the second largest metro area in the world, after Tokyo. The population in Central Jakarta is 10 million & this swells to 12 million through the working week as an influx commute from the Greater Jakarta Area into the Centre!

The Greater Jakarta metro area or Jabodetabek, which consists of four other cities makes up an area of 6,343 km2. The name Jabodetabek derives from the first two letters of Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang and Bekasi. Not only has Jakarta exceeded all growth expectations, the growth has continued and populations are expected to reach 35 million in the Greater Jakarta Area & 16 Million in Central Jakarta by the end of 2020.

Different Indonesian Languages, Ethnicities & Cultures

A larger number of Indonesians speak English, especially in the central areas of Jakarta or popular tourism areas like Bali. In larger centres, English is used to discern educated, upmarket, luxury & cool in marketing campaigns, as well as a premium placed on outside products. A focus on especially Western, or Japanese & Korean beauty products for women can be seen across Indonesia and especially in Jakarta. Indonesians also have a strong brand affinity, especially for local brands. Indonesia is a great place to grow your brand.

Localised languages are spread across Indonesia and Javanese, Sundanese, Balinese, Batak, Sasak, Papuan and just a few examples. Mixed language searches of Bahasa Indonesia & English are also commonplace, especially in Jakarta. Tourist markets like Bali are English mostly. Certain markets such as insurance, considered as a wealthy persons product are commonly conducted in English. Having a local doing copywriting for advertising and content can be crucial. Each market segment and language area has it's own unique nuances.

Chinese Indonesians are generally considered wealthy and make up a large percentage of successful businesses, so a strong consideration for language can be important in targeting this affluent group, especially in a B2B context.

Marketing & Advertising Agencies in Jakarta

The main worldwide agencies of Publicis, GroupM, Dentsu and their subsidiaries are all active in Jakarta, Indonesia. Also a variety of local services as well!

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