SEO in Australia

Brisbane City, Australia

While Australia is a high earning country per capita, the population of around 25 Million people is low and the search market is fairly mature. Entering the Australian market requires a balanced consideration of reward vs effort. In non competitive areas it can be a lucrative prospect, but if your business is planning on entering a mature and highly contested area, a longer term approach and larger budget will be required.

Expect High Standards

Generally speaking quality content and professional web design are expected as standard. Internet penetration is fairly high across Australia and Australians are well accustomed to purchasing online. The major east coast capitals of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane are the most popular cities. Areas where tourism is popular also make up a large percentage of geographic keywords and represent the most popular local markets aside from regular general sectors.

Australian Digital Marketing

Local companies providing search engine optimisation, digital marketing and Google advertising as well as social media are numerous. Compared to the UK or USA the services provided aren't that advanced and in general it will be difficult to find a firm that can represent your organisation on a world stage in global markets. Google advertising is very popular and longer term marketing like SEO is generally not as encouraged by digital marketers due to budgetary and knowledge constraints.

This isn't to say there are not great Australian SEO's and digital marketers, that's far from the truth, but in general experienced marketers that are capable and experienced with larger budgets in more competitive areas are few and far between. A concept known as the 'brain drain' is prevalent in Australia, with majority of well educated tech and entrepreneurial people leaving Australia to chase larger, more profitable markets overseas where they can make more money and advance their skills faster. One area this doesn't apply is to remote workers and people working in highly competitive areas like iGaming, where amazingly Australia is very mature and competitive on the world stage.

Online Trends & Purchasing

English is the language most spoken language and import taxes on internet purchases from overseas has helped local ecommerce. Due to high taxes and a generally highly regulated business environment with high labour costs, imported products can still be cheaper and better quality than locally bought. Exceptions to this apply to products or services where the warranty is important. Older Australians are far more likely to purchase locally and offline, whereas younger Australians have a higher rate of online purchasing and generally lower standards for quality. This is mostly due to Chinese imports lowering the costs of goods and generational expectations of quality and what's actually available to purchase in the market. Australian made products have to work hard to compete and quality suffers.

Targeting Conscious Consumers Pays

More conscious consumers that are likely to spend extra for locally made, quality, brand, luxury or organic goods represent a large percentage of the especially middle class where other unique selling propositions are also important such as eco-friendly, sustainable and ethical. This is a growth market and should be of interest to anybody with such products thinking of entering the Australian market.

SEO in Australasia

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